Saturday, April 14, 2018

Deep In Your Guts

Gonna drop a post about another project from one of the worlds most beloved noisecore bby's, Colton Pickles (Facepalm Death/curator of the "Pieces" compilation). Privileged Male Scum (P.M.S.), is the newest sonic ear violation that Colton has decided to gift to the world. Deranged, perverted, depraved, brutal, these are but a few of the adjectives I can apply to this tapes description. Released by the man himself, I'm not sure how many copies were made.

This is a short and sweet little tape. Well, not very sweet at all actually. This project is strictly for fans of fucked up music, the kind that brings up things you maybe don't want to hear. Purposely taboo, extreme, and twisted. Everything about how this record sounds and what it's focused on is apparent in the imagery. Heavy amount of influence from the underground/more extreme pornographic publications and films. Super upsetting samples, I had to turn it down at one point to avoid freaking out my roommates.

Musically, "Deep In Your Guts" is typical short burst style noisecore. It's incredibly harsh and aggressive stuff tho, boarding more on just being quick bursts of harsh noise wall with vocals. There's also apparently 69 tracks (of course), which adds up to about 5 minutes of fucked up sounds. It's some pretty enjoyable stuff, I haven't dug into a band that's this porn-centric in a while, but I can get into this.

I'm always incredibly impressed by the attention to detail and the elaborate nature of Colton's tapes. This is no exception; from the custom sticker on the front of the cassette case, to the wonderful collage artwork, to the amazing full-cassette label (also custom made). I've never seen a cassette label like this, it's very attractive. Also the tape sounds loud and crisp, as is expected.

P.M.S. will have some tracks featured on the next Craniophagus Parasiticus Records C6 compilation, if you can get ahold of Colton ask him for a copy of this.


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