Monday, March 12, 2012


I don't post about cassettes on here much, and I should because I love the format dearly. I'm gonna try to do a few posts now and again about cassettes in the future. Especially because To Live a Lie has a few tapes coming out, all in very limited numbers (mostly out of 100). One of the first in this slew of new cassette releases was this, Sidetracked - "Wrench". Black pro-cassettes, limited to 150.
I love Sidetracked, we all know this. They have so many releases coming out this year, including a split 7" with Self Inflicted which should be out really soon! "Wrench" is a short demo recording that Jay and company did in early 2011. Very raw and lo-fi stuff, gutter quality, I love it. Very short demo, as is to be expected with Sidetracked. 12 songs in about 4 minutes. 
The material on here is definitely more hardcore sounding. Not a whole lot of blasting, just really really short, fast songs. Kinda reminds me of Capitalist Casualties, or Sidetracked's 2005 record "One Lane Road Ahead"
Very clean and tidy packaging/layout/art from TLAL head-hancho Will Butler.
Comes with a download card.
Teeny-tiny lyrics, good luck reading them. TLAL still has copies available, be sure to pick this up.


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