Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chelsea Pigs

Besides the split with Charles Bronson, this is the Spazz split that I wanted the most. In case you didn't know, Floor is one of the best bands in the history of ever. I'm very happy to finally have something of theirs on wax. Spazz/Floor - split 7", black vinyl, 33 RPM.

Maybe the most expensive 7" I've bought, but considering what other people are selling it for, I got it for a bargain, and in excellent condition. 

Excellent track from Floor, very heavy with some screaming vocals, which the band progressively used less and less. The singing works, definitely, but this music is primal enough that the screams work as well. Great, groovy, caveman simple riffs of course. If I had one complaint it's that the track just kinda fizzles out at the end.

 The Spazz side really isn't anything special, for me anyway. Pretty simple, generic songs from them with a pretty lacking recording. It's still good stuff, but I've definitely heard much much better.

You can find this on Discogs, of course. I got my copy from Vinyl Junkie. Floor is God!


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