Monday, June 17, 2013

Poverty Map

I got this a while ago. A whiiiile ago, as in Record Store Day. If you all remember, Deathwish Inc. did a couple "RSD exclusive" records to join in on all the fun, this being one of them. This was actually kind of a blind buy, and is the first recordings I own from either of these two bands. Here's the Loma Prieta/Raein split 7", ultra clear vinyl, 45 RPM.

I have always wanted to pick up a Loma Prieta album, but for some reason never got around to it. SO this seeing that this record was coming out seemed as good a time as any to bite the bullet, and I'm glad I did. The 4 songs on here (the last one being a cover of Black Flag's - "Spray Paint"" are a great distorted mess of emoviolence/power screamo/whatever, tons of disonance, and a lot of skramz influence. Very cool and unique sounding riffs too, there's a lot of creativity here. I dig it a lot, very solid stuff. I'm going to try to pick up some more of their stuff soon. Wasn't to hot on the Raein track though, I gotta say. It was pretty and had some shimmery guitar tones, but it built up to practically nothing. Probably would have benefited to have an additional track. Oh well.

Nice, simplistic, very tidy presentation in a glued sleeve. Love it. The ultra clear vinyl is limited to 300 and was the rarest variant in the first press.


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