Sunday, November 17, 2013

Custodian - IV

In the many circles of modern harsh noise music, I put Milwaukee's Custodian well above most. Spearheaded by Jon Engman, this artists particular moniker has had a discography that has bar none been downright perfection. You could listen to any one of Custodians releases and get the same visceral attack on each each one, the man does not fuck around here. I'm incredibly annoyed that I got wise to this guy so late, as gathering his releases has proven to be quite difficult honestly. What little I have gathered I hold on to like precious gems though. Here is the "IV" cassette, pro-presses, limited to 100.

Custodian's style of noise is completely harsh, chaotic, suffocating, and overpowering. A none stop barrage of jagged, tortured screams of an apocalyptic cyborg wasteland getting ground up by the mouth of hell. Pounding, stretched, industrial booms provide some sort of a backbone, and drop into some crushing low-tone divebombs that will blow you away. It's like thousands of pounds of metal crashing on top of you. All of these sounds are masterfully captured too, this is a fatastic sounded releases, the sounds just charge at you. 

Very nice looking cassette. Simple layout, it gets the job done.



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