Friday, February 14, 2014

Religious Ignoramus

I'm actually going to be heading up into Canada for the next couple of days on tour! My first time ever in the country I feel a lot of kinship to. So allow me to bring a belated finish to Mince Month with the final new Archagathus split 7" I bought, this excellent split slab with Soil Of Ignorance! Black vinyl, 33 RPM.

It seems like this split was supposed to come out a longggg time ago. Archx's recordings come from 2010, whien it was still essentially just Dan. Great stuff and terrific recordings on there side. Along the line's of "Canadian Horse" recording quality. Opening up with one familiar track, "Hey Agathocles", and a couple I guess unreleased songs. "Religious Ignoramus" and "Life If Just Once" (a quick Discogs search told me so). Great stuff all around, more of the same instantly lovable grind I except from Archagathus.

Soil Of Ignorance are a band who's records/tapes I've seen floating around in various distro's for years. And goddamn if I'm kicking myself for not checking into them sooner. These recordings come from '09, so not too sure what they sound like now, but these 3 tracks dished out some unexpectedly heavy and brutal grind. Thick walls of distorted bass and guitar, chunky tones, and commandingly loud drums. I guess I was expecting something more thrash metal sounding due to the look of their logo.
Consider me a fan now.

We got another printer-paper cover like the Violent Gorge split. Complaining is pointless haha.

See you soon Canada!!!


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