Monday, January 30, 2012

The Poacher Diaries

Gah, no posts for a few days, my bad. In internet time it feels like I've been away for a few weeks. Pretty weird how that happens, but I digress. Two of my favorite bands sharing a split is always a good thing, and this right here is one of the greatest of the greats(that I own). One of my prized records and only my 2nd Discogs purchase so far; Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Converge - "The Poacher Diaries" split 12" on yellow w/ red splatter vinyl, 33 RPM.

This is a Relapse Records pressing, Hydra Head Records did all of the first presses. It looks really good and it arrives to me in excellent condition, although the inner sleeve has a lot of split edges. Not a real big issue, though I am really careful putting the record band in the sleeve. 

Excellent material from both bands, of course. The Agoraphobic Nosebleed side shows them being a bit more reserved and less 1000-BPM-y. J.R. Hayes also lends his vocals to many tracks, which is an awesome bonus. The Converge could have been released as it's own EP, it's so solid. Of course their side features the song "Locust Reign", which always makes me want to punch the nearest small animal every time I hear it. Excellent stuff, so happy to finally own this!! Great artwork too!

Printed inner sleeve^

Pretty rare record, and everyone's selling it for buttloads of cash. I lucked out and managed to get mine at a great price. Yay me.


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