Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 One last fastcore post for a while, then I'll be moving on to different various things. But we're going out on a high note with this 7" right here, Dead Radical - "Rottenness", I believe this is the 3rd press, black vinyl, 33 RPM.

The first press of this was a one-sided 7" that only had the material on the A-side, but the reissues included a demo on the B-side. Fucking fantastic record, and one that I definitely have to study more to fully pick out all the pieces, but I can safely say that this goes in my Top 3 fastcore releases that I've heard, most definitely. Outstanding song structures, incredibly technical and full of character and personality. More great bass playing, interesting vocals, THE DRUMS!!! Guhhhhh, it's so good.

Typical Dead Radical imagery; stamped labels, smeared artwork, messy font, it's all there. 

My favorite cover art from the band right there. Pick this record up, mandatory listening. And remember...


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