Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Funeral March

Got a new grind obsession now! Seems like I have a new one every week or so. Anyway, my latest order from Give Praise Records came and I finally got my hands on this sexy piece of wax. Gadget - "The Funeral March" 12" on transparent red vinyl, 33 RPM.
A lot of my friends have been singing this albums praise for a while, and I never thought much of the band. Until however it finally got a vinyl reissue(6 years after it's original CD only release from Relapse Records), so I finally decided to pick it up. Boy am I glad I did, this is a monster of a grind album! I can easily make comparisons to the big influential European grind bands, but Gadget have enough of their own sound that keeps them just from being another Nasum clone. Lots of minor key riffs and melodies, but with enough dick-shredding velocity to keep it from being to moody. Very very enjoyable album and I'm now on the hunt for all things Gadget!!!
Love this cover art!
The only US distro I know that has this is Give Praise Records, there's probably a lot more that carry it in Europe. Do yourself a favor and pick this up!


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  1. relapse should have a few, too, just ask them if you're in the us and GP is out of them...

    7 Degrees Records