Sunday, February 5, 2012

xBräiniax Hates You

Got a package from Give Praise Records recently, taking advantage of their crazy good sale where everything they've released was only 2 bucks!! I bought a few GP titles, as well as this; the xBrainiax/Lettuce Vultures split 7", black vinyl, 33 RPM.

I probably should have known that this split was gonna be rubbish, just from looking at the horrible artwork on xBrainiax side. Truly, this is the worst material I've heard from them. Not only are the songs not great, but the recording is just dreadful. Very thin and tinny recording, and the vocals sound like they have this weird effect on them. Very disappointing. I haven't even bothered with the Lettuce Vultures side yet, as I have no hope for it.


This is a very nice package however; a sturdy glued-sleeve made from thick cardstock, full color, and an insert. Typical xBrainiax aesthetic with the insert and on the center label, which I love. At least it's a pretty record to look at. 

You can find this in numerous distros. Get it if you want every xBrainiax record like me, otherwise I'd say pass. 


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