Saturday, February 2, 2013

Barf To Death Grind

Pulled out an old cassette from one of my favorite über-underground grindcore bands. Hooker Spit Windex was one of the first bands I got into when I started to dig a little deeper into the underground when I was still a developing grinder. They sadly broke up last year (I think), which is a shame because they definitely could have gotten a bit of a following if they stuck around. Here's their "Barf To Death Grind" EP.

Absolutely nothing groudbreaking with this band, and they didn't intend to be. This is total old-school sounding, grimy grindcore, with a hint of mince mixed into the soupy concoction. Death growls, with some high screams thrown in, PLF-style riffs, lo-fi destruction. This tape compiles tracks that I believe were intended for a split 7" with Infernal Stronghold, which for some reason or another never came out, and some extra tracks on the B-side. Probably their best stuff, definitely their best sounding recording.

This art was also on a T-shirt, which I'm pretty bummed I never picked up.


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