Monday, February 4, 2013

My Own Two Feet

Thanks to a recent trade with my buddy Paul, I have finally completed my Extortion discography collection. Of course, I don't have every variant, my wallet can't afford to take it. I might buy another variant of some record here and there, if the price is right, but I don't really see the point. Beside's that, here was the last piece I needed, the 7" repress of their demo. Black vinyl, 45 RPM.

Definitely not my favorite stuff from the band. I definitely don't see myself pulling this out very often, but it is mandatory for anyone who's hungry for their records, like I am. Super aggressive, pissed off, fast hardcore, just like we know and love from Extortion. Except that the recording on this is raw and lo-fi as balls.

Very simple, bare bones, and crude packagine. Basically just a printed image on some regular printer paper that was then folded. Hey, what ever does the job. Love the artwork on this too.

Now, apparently there is a recently released live bootleg LP that was just released, which I should be getting soon. I really don't like live records, but fuck all, I got to stay complete. For better or for worse :p Bring on the splits with ANb, Hatred Surge and Sidetracked!!


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  1. splits with Bastard Noise and Low Threat Profile also.