Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dead Fields

Continuing my Suffering Mind postage, here we have the very latest release from the band, the split 7" flexi with the almighty Water Torture. White flexi, 33 RPM, I believe the white is limited to 100.

Water Torture isn't the first band you would normally think of doing a split with Suffering Mind, but I'm certainly not complaining. Without a doubt, two of the most solid bands playing their style of aggressive music that are going right now. This was originally going to be a 5" (so again, one song from each band), which would have been amazing, but this flexi is definitely not a cheap last resort. Everything here looks ver neat and tidy, and the flexi itself sounds great.

Suffering Minds track is fucking great. One of the more crushing tracks I've heard from their splits. There's an incredibly heavy and kinda catchy palm muted chorus, and the snare drums is like a slap in the face with a crowbar. Water Torture went all out doom and gloom on their side, nothing they've ever shied away from. Thomas's vocals sound particularly slow and wretched, more then anything else he's put on wax yet.

Pick this up at Mannequin Reign Productions.


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