Thursday, December 12, 2013


Quick post about a classic record. Infest, a band that needs no introduction, and I'm sure we all know about their crucial part of hardcore's progression. Pretty much ground-zero for American powerviolence. This is their 2nd self-titled 7", a reissue by Deep Six and Draw Blank records, grey vinyl, 45 RPM.

I found this copy for an insanely good price on discogs, so low that I thought it was a bootleg copy. But nope, legit reissue. It's sometimes referred to as the "Mankind EP", due to the 10" repress which took on that name. Classic in every sense of the word. It's crazy how many bands are still replicating this bands sound today, it's just timeless! We've all been guilty of stealing an Infest riff, whether we realize it at the time or not. This copy is a little strange. There are many variants of this record floating around, mostly with different colored covers. The tan ones for some reason come with an over-sized sleeve. Not sure why this is, but it was a bit annoying to make a custom plastic sleeve for it. Collector problems.

Looks like screen printed covers. Comes with a lyric sheet too.


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