Friday, January 17, 2014

+HIRS+ Collection Update Part 3

Seems to be an annual thing for me to post the gradual increase in mass of my +HIRS+ collection. The ladies just don't stop, and it's sometimes quite difficult to keep up with them. Don't think I need to go in deep why I like this band, I've praised them countless times on this and other blogs. Satanic and queer as fuck drum machine grindcore at some of it's very best. As you can see (if you cared to look) my collection has grown quite a bit, and to date I am only missing one item to be complete. Here's the whole lot.

Breaking it down now, here are the tapes:

  • Split w/ Very Ape
  • Split w/ Bubonic Bear
  • Split w/ Drums Like Machine Guns
  • "Nunmilk" EP
  • Split w/ Nimbus Terrefix
  • Split w/ Hulk Smash
  • Split w/ Tooth Decay
  • "Gaytheism" Comp. (Australian release)
  • "Antichristmas/Happy Holigays" 
"The First 100 Songs" LP:
  • 2nd press on hot pink vinyl
  • 1st press on black vinyl /100
  • Cassette
  • CD
  • Test press /15
  • *also have the zine, but forgot to include it here*
  • Live Split 11" w/ Drums Like Machine Guns 
  • "Shut Down The Machine" 6" 1-sided pic. disc 
  • "Vagaytion/Gaycation" 4"
  • "Dimebag" square 5.5"
  • Split 1-sided 7" w/ Shitweather
  • Split 7" w/ Maradona
"Worship" 1-sided 7":
  • 1st press on black vinyl
  • Test press #5/5 (aka: "Involuntary Split With The Immaculates" 
  • 2nd press on hot pink #3/69
  • "Australian Tour 2013" DVD
  • Split flexi postcard w/ Towers


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