Saturday, January 4, 2014

Languorous Tyrannosaur

Here's an older Archagathus split that I recently picked up. I've had my eye on it for a while, mostly because of the cool cover. This is their split with Camphora Monobramata (that name take's a couple tried to type too), black vinyl, 33 RPM.

These Archx tracks were actually recorded the same year that this record was release (2011). While I have to question the super janky guitar tone, these songs still do come out sounding quite heavy thanks to some much needed low end from the bass. "She Grinds" and "Languorous Tyrannosaur" are some stand-out heavy mince jams. Great sounding vocals as well.

Camphora Monobramata are a raw goregrind band from Russia, as the tricky name should tip you off to. I was pretty ready to hate this side of the record because of the unimpressive opening riff, but when the vocals kicked in, this band really picked up and I eventually came to enjoy track after track. What CM make is simple, fun, lo-fi goregrind, Bands like a raw Spasm or Torsofuck come to mind, but without the samples, or porn. Some slam riffs are thrown in for good measure. Pretty fun stuff.


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