Sunday, May 25, 2014

Milk Was A Bad Choice

This tape came out either a few months before or after TLAL released the 7" version. I'm a bit hazy on the specifics, obviously, but twas way before ACxDC skyrocketed into almost-mainstream media. Whether we like to admit it or not, they are one of the prominent bands in bringing "powerviolence" into more of a wider audience, shall we say. Simultaneously attracting in as many fans, and "haters" rapidly. I've always tried to avoid any of the drama that seems to surround the band and focus on their music first and foremost (while still managing to not pick up 1 of the 3,046 shirt's they've made). And to me, I think they're a pretty solid band and they've made a ton of great music. Their 3-way split with Sex Prisoner and Magnum Force being my personal favorite of their material. Here's the official tape version of their 2nd EP, "The Second Coming".

This was made by a UK label called Spider Baby Records, the first in their catalog actually. A quick search on the interwebs leads me to believe the label is now inactive, shame. They did a good with this tape. Simple cassette art, a professionally done, glossy J-card, and hand numbered out of 100. A cover art variation is always appreciated too with cross-country pressings, well done. I'll give this tape some credit over the 7" too, in that it has all the material on one side. In my opinion, this is a much stronger release when it can be played in full without the break to flip the record. Next to the 3-way split, this is my favorite material from the band. Heavy, shimmery shiney powerviolence that hits all the nails of satisfaction right on the head for me.

One day I'm going to tally up how many powerviolence bands have a song called "Leech".

They got a new full length on the way. I'll probably pick it up. 


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