Sunday, May 25, 2014

Radiation Pulse

As sprawling and active as the west coast scene is, I haven't come across many bands playing he kind of grindcore Syntax dish out. I believe this is their first physical release, the "Corridos Grind" EP. Released on Nice Dreams Records a while ago.

Steering away from straight blasting powerviolence or deathy grind as is the norm over there, Syntax dwell on the discordant side. i.e, blatant and unapologetic "Jouhou"-era Discordance Axis worship. A style that I am obviously all for, and these guys nail all the great characteristics. No bass player, obligatory, tons of mid-heavy, melodic, dissonant riffs, and the vocalist even keeps up the "nuts-in-a-vice" Chang scream through out the entire EP. All that said, this really is a solid tape. One that I find myself playing often these days. The guys lay down some ridiculous wanky riffage on here, and they're a nice bit of diversity from the WCGC crew.

Mr. Nice Dreams Records hooked me up with this copy last year, which was a very nice and thoughtful gesture. Nice looking, detailed 3x-fold cover sleeve, with an almost matte finish. Very fun to look at. Printed on both sides. The tape is a simple stamped white shell-cassette. Sounds wonderful! I'm unsure how many of these were made. Couldn't be more then 100.

Syntax also have another split tape with Murder out now. I think it's a compilation of some demo's, but it sounds great! I believe a split 7"is also in the works! Can't wait to hear the new material!


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