Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bad Memories

Shame on me for not doing a proper post about this amazing EP before! Add it to my 4 mile long "better late then never" list. I don't think I need to introduce the mighty Sex Prisoner to any of the readers of this site. After a brilliant two-hit roundhouse kick of a comeback in 2013, and a semi-recent signing to ├╝ber hardcore label, A389 Records, these guys seem unstoppable. Sex Prisoner's sophomore EP, "State Property", came out mid-2013 I believe, and completely blew me away on the first listen, and pretty much every listen since. 33 RPM, Black Vinyl.

Doing this post, I'm reminded of the brutal face-palm I gave myself when I just straight up forgot to pre-order this record. I made note of it, sectioned off the Bad Teeth Recordings store just so I could get quick n' easy access, the whole shabang. And I just sorta..let it..escape my mind. Of course the pre-order sold out in like, a few hours. So, I missed out on the beautiful white vinyl but as we all know, the music is what matters at the end of the day. And "State Property" is some seriously tough and incredible music. In my opinion, Sex Prisoner improved in every way from their debut 7". The band sounds absolutely massive and punishing, thanks largely to the perfect drum sound. The kick drum is like a cannon shot and those snare hits sound like spine's snapping. The HM-2 abuse guitar tone was a bit of a risky step (at least for my tastes), but it actually seems to work here. There's a full spectrum of tone's for maximum punishment. Not to mention the song writing got a bit better, the breakdown's are more to the point and impossibly heavy. Fuck I love this record. Sex Prisoner are the reigning champions of ignantly tough powerviolence, complete masters of their craft.

Bad Teeth Recordings really treated the boys well. This is a fantastic package all around. A sturdy, glued matte sleeve, and a 2-page mini poster/lyric sheet. No expenses were spared obviously. 

Pretty sure that there was a 2nd pressing done at the tail-end of last year. If you haven't picked this record up yet, you're doing a huge disservice to your eardrums. I hear tale that a full-length will finally be released by A389 sometime this year too! I'm very eager to see what they do with the LP format. 


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