Saturday, July 12, 2014


Hygiene Records is supplying some of the years most mandatory grind releases yet again. One of it's most recent outputs being this slam dunk of a split between Edmonton's Detroit and thedownunder's thedowngoing. A cassette only release, limited to 100-150 copies I think. 

Detroit have been steadily kicking ass in the underground with a steady stream of lo-fi blastcore. One of their more well known releases probably being the split 12" with Robocop that Give Praise records released a few years ago. This recording is definitely one of their rawest and fastest to date. Warp speed fastcore taking strong nods to The Afternoon Gentlemen and Quattro Stagioni. Excellent stuff front to back, some of my favorite from the band so far. 
Thedowngoing have been one of the most left field and polarizing bands to come out of the Australian grind roster in a while, and certainly one of my favorites. Their side is unfortunately the bands swan song effort, but they sure did end on a high note. This is some of their cleanest, and heaviest recordings ever, a fantastic continuation of the "GOATSONGS" half of the Water Torture split. It's a much more reserved sound then the tinnitus inducing noise of their previous albums and EP's. But their knack for writing brilliant discordant riffs that slash, burn, and captivate is stronger then ever. I'll miss them for sure, but A+ on the good-bye note. 

Very nice and tidy full-color layout on the J-card and cassette label. Proper presentation, very strange artwork. Which I guess is pretty fitting.

This split's definitely on my favorites of 2014 list so far. I suggest you all do yourself a favor and pick one up from Hygiene before they're gone for good. 


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