Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bleed Me Dry

Caged Grave (or Cagedgrave) really impressed me with their debut demo last year. It was a good example of vicious blastbeat filled hardcore and modern metalzone recordings done well, without sounding too weak or dull. No surprise, they got a good amount of attention shortly after, and the band has been on a steady stream of self-releasing new songs, tapes and records ever since. Their next EP, "Gutless" came out on a 7" earlier this year. My copy was graciously given to me by the band. This is the clear vinyl variant, limited to 115 copies, 45 RPM.

"Gutless" is an absolutely fantastic follow up, and improvement to their demo. This recording is louder, crunchier, meaner, and Caged Grave sound faster and more pissed off then ever. I'm very impressed that these guys are able to sound this good and record everything themselves, outstanding. Not a dull track on here out of the nine originals, and the Left For Dead cover is an excellent bonus. This band will become a monolithic force in hardcore very soon. Fortunately the band pressed many more records for this EP then their demo 7", so this should be easier to find. But knowing this bands following they're probably close to, if not sold out.

Again with the very tidy, superb packaging, This time with a slim glued sleeve, stamped dust sleeve and insert.

I am supposed to be releasing an American cassette variant, but have been getting severely fucked over by the place I've ordered the blanks from, so I've been playing the waiting game for an unreasonable amount of time. This thing will see the light of day though, by golly.


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