Sunday, August 31, 2014

Holy Hell

Hard to believe that I haven't done any posts yet about Purity Control, especially about their brilliant vinyl debut, "Coping". I'm pretty sure I got this last year, after hearing some choice words about them by Sean over at SKULLFUCKED (look at the side bar to read his excellent posts and gorgeous pictures). One of Canada's most overlooked and sadly short lived bands in recent years. Their output was small, but they left a big impact on me, this particular EP eventually becoming one of my favorite 7" records. This is the larger black vinyl version, a more limited white vinyl version was released but I sadly missed the boat on that one. 45 RPM.

For the sake of ease, I'll call Purity Control a powerviolence band, but they always stuck out of the crowd for me with their own little unique touches. Coming out of an almost pure noisey hardcore style they had on their demo tapes. The jangely tone of the instruments is still there, but with an obvious improvement to the recording and performance. This sounds like a completely focused and inspired session, and each song displays it's own moments of fantastic song writing. The sharp left turn the breakdown in the first track, "Holy Hell", being a personal favorite.  Or the way they stick to and develop the groove the track "Bedrooms Eyes". What a fantastic record, and it's short! Each side will barely give you 3 minutes of stuff, but it gives me everything I need in it's small tidy package.

Very similar layout and presentation to the EP they put out themselves a few weeks after this one in 2012. Grim, hateful, loathing aesthetic. Youth Attack! should have snagged these guys up.

Fun tip: play this record at 33, it's some seriously disgusting sludgecore.


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