Sunday, May 8, 2016


One of the more unusual releases in the Sedem Minút Strachu discography, and it's arguable if it's even considered a 7MS release. Though it seems that these two acts worked tightly with each other on this product. The Solvak harsh noise musician Drén remixed a chunk of 7MS recordings for a crushing seven minute harsh noise bombshell. Together going under the name Drén Recyklator Nepodarkov Sedem Minút Strachu. Limited to 100 numbered copies by the Analog Freaks label.

I've never cared for or had much interest in checking out any remixes, ever. They always seemed like after thoughts or just what people did to fill up a B-side every now and again. Drén is an artist however that has worked tightly with 7MS live on a number of occasions. And it certainly helps make this tape another worthy addition to their mandatory discography. This single piece entitled "Prvy nájeb", hastily starts up with a quick swell of industrial tones, until a raging wall of cold, searing distortion erupts, burying the recognizable racket made by Sedem Minút Strachu. Drén seems to be working with the 7MS recordings from the Camphora Monobromata split and the "You Pose, But Why?" compilation. Bellowing vocals and Jan's tight snare hits peak through the distortion and the two elements work off each other brilliantly. Quick transitional passages of static or scrambled oscillations move between passages of rhythmic bass pulses and feedback, crust beats and brutal drums. Lasting all in all about as long as a solid harsh noise or noisecore set should last. This tape leaves a crater when it's done.

The tape looks as impressive as it sounds. Analog Freaks spared no expense in making this release a quality one. A double-sided, silk screened J-card on textured paper, with a professionally dubbed cassette, and like three stickers. It's a very tight looking cassette package.

I actually didn't notice until I took these pictures that I was gifted with a #4 copy of this! Huge thank's to Richard of 7MS for giving me such a generously low numbered copy. Oh yeah, and the first 25 or so tapes came with a special folded package, containing a set of ear plugs. There's no special branding on the plugs themselves, but the little box it's in is certainly a piece of packaging.

Read more about this tape here. 7MS is the best band.


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