Saturday, August 18, 2018

Living Market/Bullshit Room

Here's a tape that I got from the good person who runs and operates the Pop Miasma label, who coincidentally happens to be a member of the band Living Room! I've seen some fellow peers bring up their name here and there, and I was definitely interested in hearing what Living Room were all about. So naturally, I was thrilled when they wanted to send in copies of their new splits for review! Here's the Bullshit Market/Living Room split cassette, not sure how many copies were made.

This is the first tape I've got that has recordings from the newest Bullshit Market line-up. Now a duo, and pretty much sticking to straight-up noisecore at least for now. This recordings is lo-fi, nasty and fast as fuck thanks to the always ridiculous drumming from Aaron. Drums and bass with some super murky, pitch shifted vocals that kind of remind me of Ops-Psf, but without the cut up sound and styles. The bass doesn't even really sound like a bass, lots of pedal manipulation and weird feedback. This session is a nice and solid batch of short, untitled, noisecore bursts, with some entertaining little bits of in between banter/dialogue and hip-hop samples in between the blasts to keep it lively. Fun shit, I'm excited to hear more from this line-up.

Alright, so now I'm finally hearing Living Room, and I gotta say I wasn't quite expecting this kind of stuff, but I'm really really digging it. That cut-up style/editing that I mentioned up above is here in spades. This shit is a wonderful collage of various sounds! I'd only really call it noisecore because sometimes there are longer bits where you can hear traditional stringed instruments and drums. But mostly, this side sounds like a quick cut, sharp and nasty harsh noise session. I can pick up lots of various tape manipulations and recording speeds fucked with in real time. I'm unsure whether this is all sourced from recordings they did as a band, or from different members separate contributions. Not a lot of vocals or what I would traditionally call noisecore, but there's definitely enough of that rapid energy to keep the roots apparent. As a fan of crazy cut-up noises, I dig this. Think Penis Geyser's side of their split 7" with Sete Star Sept. Awesome project!

 I can tell Pop Miasma is nailing down that consistent aesthetic. The packaging is a simple, double sided J-card, but I dig the layout a lot. The tape sounds awesome too!

I got another Living Room split to write about in the next couple posts.


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