Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flight Of The Wounded Locust

I mentioned a few posts ago that I had started to buy a lot of records by The Locust. I haven't bought anything from them in a few weeks, but I wouldn't say they're a priority anymore.  Anyway, here's another one from that big discogs haul a few weeks ago; "Flight of The Wounded Locust" 7", clear vinyl, 45 RPM.

This record is a very stripped down version of its sister release, a very sexy looking 4x 7" where the records are shaped like puzzle pieces, with a ton more songs on it to boot. I've never seen anything like it. I'll be getting it eventually, but it goes for a pretty penny, so not anytime soon.

Anyways, the six songs here are pretty cool. The A-side features 5, which have the Locust's trademark keyboard-heavy-spazzy-grind-math-whatevercore jams. Very, very keyboard orientated, I can't even really hear the guitar. Not there best songs, but not terrible. The B-side is just a synth instrumental, not that exciting. 

These masks are cool as fuck! Very abnormal looking. 

Like most records from The Locust, you can find this on Discogs for a good price. Pick it up, if you don't want to spend crazy cash on the 4x7" version. 


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