Thursday, April 19, 2012


I did a trade recently for a couple tapes. Nothing majorly exciting, but definitely some interesting stuff. One of those tapes was Unholy Grave - "Revoltage", pro-cassette repress on Revulsion Records.
I honestly haven't payed much attention to Unholy Grave. I always thought bands like Agathocles were more interesting, in terms of collecting bands with uber-prolific discographies. I also always thought there songs weren't that captivating. I have to say though, this album definitely surprised me in how much I enjoyed it. The recording is raw and loud, the guitars are deep and ugly, the vocals are varied. I really really like this! I might start buying more UG records in the future now. 

Very nice and tidy pro-packaging. The tape dubbing is excellent as well. Very very tiny letters, so good luck reading the lyrics. 

This is also on CD and LP, I got a 2nd one of these in a trade which I'll be putting up for sale on Discogs soon.


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