Sunday, April 5, 2015

Concept, Causes Et Effets De I' Inflation

I freaking, flipping love Sedem Minut Strachu. I discovered them this year, but very quickly the Slavic trio has become not only one of my favorite noisecore bands, but one of my favorite bands period. I've been dying to pick up any tape, lathe, or record from them for months now. And as luck would have it, I manage to pick up their split 7" with Adolf Shitter for free(!!!) when I saw Sete Star Sept. This split is limited to 200 copies, 33 RPM.

Sedem Minut Strachu play brutish, blast worshipping noisegrind, using a combination of duo bass and vocalists and the ex-Idiots Parade drummer. They perform spastic, improvised grind, but manage to have a very solid sense of structure and arch with their recordings. Jan seriously keeps everything together with his incredible drumming, and give each section of their side a real "song" feel. Though from the fidelity of this recording, you can only really make out the bright snare and cymbal hits under all the low end. Both bass's really overtake this recording, supplying a constant rumble of distortion while the drums supply some sort of motion to latch on to. Admittedly not one of their better records, but anything SMS put out is a mandatory purchase for me.

Adolf Shitter are a band I've only known from this split. And judging from their name I assumed I was in for some real no-fi shitcore. What a shock, I was right! Adolf Shitter's side is serious unassuming noisecore. Like, the  one microphone for the entire practice room/just go for it kind. They perform a sloppy "untitled" freakout of sporadic blasts, yelling, and janky guitar abuse. All in a very Gorgonized Dorks/Deche-Charge style. The guitars are definitely one of the most interesting parts of this piece. They are heavily effected, and almost sound like brass instruments at times. The synthesizer was also a very nice touch.

Full color, photo-copied cover sleeve from Underground Pollution Records and No Fucking labels. Too pig for the plastic outer sleeve though, I have to put the fucker in sideways!

Here's hoping I get more SMS releases real soon.


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