Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baltimore Beatdown

Here's a recently releases beauty; the Eddie Brock/Lapse split 7" released on To Live a Lie and Hostile Input records, 45 rpm, red vinyl. Real good hardcore right here!
Tough hardcore with powerviolence influences from both of these up and coming Baltimore bruisers. First up is Lapse with 3 tracks in under 4 minutes. Definitely the faster band on the split, more blasting and a few well timed mosh breakdowns. Great snare sound too! Looking forward to more from this band.
The Eddie Brock side is 2 tracks with a more HC sound than their previous 7". Way longer songs this time around too, more refined songwriting. Definitely a band that throws down live and gets the crowd moving I'm sure. Somehow they got Scott Hull to master their side, so it sounds fucking great!! Definitely a band to look out for. 
Stark blak and white inner-sleeve picture and a double-sided insert with lyrics. A download card is also included but my computer can't unzip the files.
I got the red vinyl version, limited to 100 copies. Pretty vinyl, it's semi-transparent and a little bit sparkly, and a little bit of black got in there. Pick this up.


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