Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Decimation Cycle

This is something that I bought from SKULL master Eric Wood about a week ago, and I finally got to spin it yesterday. The Bastard Noise and Guilty Connector collaboration 7" "Decimation Cycle", 33 and 45 RPM, baby blue vinyl.
Probably the best noise release I've heard from BN thus far. Super dense, thick and harsh sounds. One song has a few lines of vocals from Eric Wood which are super brutal. Very nice copy too, pretty much as mint as a record can be. No bent corners or anything, which is incredible since the sleeve is just folded paper. 
Not a whole lot to talk about in terms of packaging. Just a simple folded piece or neon green paper with black lettering. It's an aesthetic I happen to like. Nice colored vinyl too, with one side being 33 and one side being 45. I'm now on the lookout from any Bastard Noise record I can get. Gotta boost up the SKULL collection in a big way!


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