Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This is the best EP I've heard all year, dead ass serious. Sea of Shit's self-titled 7" released on PRGNT Records/Idoneum Bello, black vinyl, 45 RPM.
I've only got their 7" demo before this, which I like, but it's far from mind-blowing. But this, this my friends is a masterpiece of filthy, disgusting powerviolence! Everything is distorted, the production is fantastically raw and LOUD, and the songs are non-stop blasters that I find super enjoyable. 
8 songs this time around, all fast, minimal slow parts. Even the 3 1/2 minute end track is fast; going from a twisted groove, to blasting, to ending in noise, and all songs seamlessly transition into each other. 
I'm a super big fan of this packaging too, it totally fits the ugly, filthy sound of the recording. Stark black and white images/text throughout with a black dust sleeve to boot. Dope.
I ordered their split 7" with Socially Retarded yesterday, when that arrives I'll do a post on that too! Sea of Shit 2011!! Purchase it here.



  1. Fuck yeah, good band good dudes. Got the test press of this shit. Live they are a whole nother beast, way better. MGPV 2012.

  2. I reallly want to see these guys live. Still waiting for the split with Socially Retarded to arrive in my mailbox :P