Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Machete Twins

Got my 3rd Pig Destroyer vinyl record a couple weeks ago. I got it for a pretty good price on discogs, and in absolutely mint condition. It still even had the shrink wrap on it! Here's Pig Destroyer - "Phantom Limb", transparent red vinyl, 33 RPM.

A lot of Pig Destroyer fans really shit on this album, I guess because they went a bit more "metal" on this and write longer songs, blah blah blah. I think this is their best work, next to "Prowler In The Yard". Incredibly solid song craft, and ton and tons of great Scott Hull riffs. A good majority of my favorite PD songs are on this record actually. 

Absolutely gorgeous artwork from John Baizly. Some of the most left field and beautiful cover art I've seen on a grindcore album. I'm really not a fan of the logo and album title placement though. 

Printed inner sleeves with lyrics included, of course. Some of my favorite JR lyrics are on this album as well. "Girl In The Slayer Jacket" is a disturbingly realistic portrayal of a young life.

I think the red is the 2nd rarest variant. 

Discogs this for sure. I have a copy of "Prowler..." in my sights, so wish me luck! 


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