Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mentally Checked Out

I was really really really hoping I made my order in time to get this, especially since my fiasco with the Lack of Interest/Weekend Nachos split(still haven't gotten it). Anyway, here's the much hyped and mysterious To The Point - "Mentally Checked Out" 1-sided 7", black vinyl, limited to 100 copies.

Deep Six did a pretty good job keeping the details of this EP on the down low. They didn't say who was in the band or what it would sound like. However, I know that Chris Dodge, Bob Deep, the bassist from Actuary and Kevin Fetus Musically, it's pure Lack Of Interest-core. I know it was gonna be powerviolence, but these guys really captured that "Trapped Inside" era LOI sound really well. Maybe I was to naive and expected something a little more, I don't know, unique. But I love LOI and this type of hardcore/powerviolence, so I'm super happy to have this.

"Barn door" style sleeve, which I'm really not a fan of. Lyrics are included as well.

They said it was limited to 100 copies, but that just might be the amount that they were selling to the public. I got #88, as you can see. 

Apparently a split with Yacopsæ and another 1-sided 7" are in the works. Can't wait to snag those!



  1. Could you post mp3s of this possibly? I haven't heard it yet, but LOVE Lack Of Interest or anything that sounds like them!

  2. I can't, sadly. If you go on their Facebook page they have a track streaming.

  3. Alright! Thanks dude! Know of any other releases by anyone that sound like Lack Of Interest?

  4. Guitar player is Kevin Fetus (fetus eaters, lack of interest, murder construct, bacteria cult, etc....).