Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Your Band Sucks

This is one of the newest releases from my friend, Eduardo's label, DIY Noise. A cassette and floppy disc (that's right) label that I'm a huge supporter of. Ed also plays in the band Sordo, who have a fuck load of new releases in the works. For now, here's the Sordo/Crutch split cassette, limited to 100.

Both sides tear it up, in pretty equal amounts too. Four songs from Sordo, making up maybe 2 minutes of music. Quite a cock tease, but the songs are total slammers. I really dig the stop/start riffs, of course. Five songs from Crutch, including a cover of Aus Rotten's "Fuck Nazi Sympathy". They sound a little more grindviolencey this time around, kinda moving away from the who straight powerviolence thing.
Great dubbing too, his new tape machine seems to work great!

I guess I got #3 out of 100?

This release is long sold out, but definitely keep up with DIY Noise because he has a shit ton of releases coming up. Including a couple that I'm helping put out. 


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