Sunday, September 20, 2015

Oracles Of Ash

This will be the 3rd time that the Texas based, moody synth project Funeral Parlor has been featured on the blog. A curious one-man project created by head funeral director Josh Doughty. This is not the kind of music that I normally listen to, but I've always enjoyed revisiting Funeral Parlor and checking in. And Josh was so kind enough to send me a couple tapes of his respective projects for me to check out. If you're reading Josh I'm sorry it took a while. This tape is a split between Funeral Parlor and Nihilarch. Released on Perfect Hue and limited to 25.

Funeral Parlor always reminded me of music that would fit into the soundtrack of Twin Peaks. And no that isn't a diss. We get two tracks per side, Funeral Parlor still sounding as dreary and droning as ever before. Each track really has time to build here, each one going over the 6 minute mark. Plenty of time to let the ├╝ber saddness stain your ears.  "Believe" opens up with a sample that sounds like it was taken from a Harrison Ford movie. The bleak tone is set straight away, and very soon the minor key synth chords come out. Staying consistent in it's 4everbummer mood, the synths drone on and on adding layers very sporadically, nothing harsh though. The next track "Tourist" opens with a surprisingly industrial, machine work sample that stays active throughout this tracks run time. For how minimal everything is it's actually pretty captivating. Good music to bury a body too.

On the flip side we get two tracks from yet another synth-centric project, Nihilarch. A one man show out of California I was unaware with until this split. Upon a few listens I can definitely find a lot of stuff to like in these two songs. Lots of Prurient adoration on here, and I wouldn't be surprised if dude had a few John Carpenter or Goblin soundtracks in his possession.  The opening track "Sanctuary" takes it's sweet time building up, stacking synth riffs and bass tones (minor key or bust). Waiting until the last minute to unleash screamed distorted vocals in a surprising twist into power electronics. The next track "Oracles Of Ash" is the real star of this whole split. I love the classic horror movie sountrack synth arpeggios that float all over this track. And the fantastic distorted rumbles that boom when the vocals take a step back. Sounds like something mad decent that would come off the Hospital Records catalog. I'd say this was the perfect way to close things off.

I somehow managed to get #1/25. Thank you Josh!! Standard 1-sided J card packaging. Sealed with a sticker. 

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