Sunday, November 27, 2011

Parasitic Nonexistence

I'm sure most of you will know Chainsaw to The Face through "This Comp Kills Facists Vol. 1". They were one of the more unknown bands on there, but their contribution is one of the parts I remember most about the comp. Super fast grindviolence with gruff vocals and kickass drums, "Hating Life" is probably their best song on the comp. So here's their s/t 7" EP released in 2010 on Cowabunga Records, which is where I picked this up. 33 RPM, clear vinyl with black swirls. 
This release is a bit more loose and rough than there songs on TCKFV.1. Truth be told, it's not even a very good recording. It definitely sounds like a demo that was pressed onto wax in terms of quality. Musically, it sounds pretty familiar. Still fast, still violent, but oddly enough I think the cleaner recordings on the comp. made their songs more intense, especially when compared to this. The quiet pressing doesn't help either. 19 songs in what feels like 10 minutes, it's decent.
The vinyl is really pretty though; it's super clear vinyl with a very nice, simple black streak all around the record. I believe this is the only one of the clear vinyl versions that had this black streak in it, so yeah, super rare! Collectors scum everywhere are super jealous of this.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Never Back Down

The return!! Hola everybody, I'm getting this blog up and running again after a long stretch of nothing. For those who care, I fell out of posting here while finishing school, and when I started writing for Operation Grindcore. But now I got that spark to start posting on my own blog again and concentrate on something I love dearly, vinyl records. I can easily do a post daily since I get a steady stream of new records quite frequently. Also, you may notice the greater decline in good photographs. Well, that's cause the camera I was using took a shit and died, leaving me with my simple Mac webcam(I'm gonna buy a quality camera at some point). But I digress, let's get on to todays record. Lack of Interest - "Never Back Down". Black vinyl, 45 RPM, released on Deep Six Records.
This is essential hardcore right here. Seriously, one of the best hardcore records I've heard. Everything is excellent; the production, the performances, the songwriting, everything. The songwriting in particular is way more developed and complex than most standard hardcore/powerviolence bands. Constant riff changes, tempo changes, etc. Definitely an inspiration to more modern fastcore bands like Sidetracked. 19 songs in about 14 minutes, perfect length for me. It doesn't waste time and it doesn't leave me wanting more
I love the artwork too. I think it's a definite homage to King Crimson's - "In The Court of The Crimson King", but I'm not sure if that was the intent. If it wasn't, then it's a hell of a coincidence. 
One-sided insert with lyrics.
Clean black vinyl. Very nice label too, I love that little face in the center.
This is a fairly easy record to find, and for a decent price too. I know Tankcrimes and Vinyl Junkie have some copies. Do yourself a favor and get it if you haven't already, it's well worth it!