Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Sheep In Wolves Clothing

I made my first purchase from Halo of Flies records last week, and I couldn't be more pleased with how it came out. The records arrived amazingly fast, and in great condition. I highly suggest ordering from them. In addition to another 7" which I'll get to later, I picked up the brand-spanking new Suffering Mind/Protestant split 6" (released by HoF, TLAL, and others). Transparent orange vinyl, 33 RPM.
Two tracks from each band on this one. This is the first SM record I have that has their new singer Radek on vocals. He definitely does a good job, and I think he's a good replacement for Ula(I'm still not sure why she's not in the band anymore). Their songs are pretty standard SM songs; pure, fast, blistering grind. I'm not quite sure if I'm into Protestant yet. They play distorted, messy grind/hardcore, and really I don't think they're anything special. I love the 6" format though, this will be the 4th 6" I own. I just wish they came with dust sleeves.
Fucking glare...
Very good looking vinyl.
People in the USA can order this from Halo of Flies, and TLAL(whenever their webstore opens back up again). I'm not sure if it's reached Europe yet. 


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Destroy Mankind

I've added a lot of pieces to my Suffering Mind collection, who have definitely been one of my main grindcore loves for the past couple months. I'm still missing a few choice records (I don't think I'll ever get those 2" and 3" lathe records...), but the other records are definitely within my grasp. This is their first 7" record; "Destroy Mankind", black vinyl, 33 RPM.
Solid 5 song EP from the band. Blisteringly fast, crusty grindcore, not as many ridiculous stop-start riffs as they do now, but that's not a big deal to me. Ula's vocals are definitely in their beginning stages, the lows aren't as low and guttural, but she definitely does a great job. I think she's one of the better female grindcore vocalists. It's a bit of a bummer she's not in the band anymore. 
Standard looking grindcore artwork. I'm not a fan of how the logo looks on this release, it has these weird 3D shadows on it, but I'm just nitpicking their. This really is a great looking package, I was very surprised when I got it. Solid, glued sleeve, and it even has a spine. I've never had a 7" that had a spine before, I'm very happy with this.
Rubbish picture of the spine, but it's really the best I could do. 
Glossy double-sided insert.
Someone sell me the lathe records and their split with Lycanthrophy right the fuck now!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Humyn Right

Ahh, back to doing regular posts. It's been a while, I got a lot of new records, I'm gonna try and show them all, but who knows what will happen. Anyways, I thought I'd show the 2nd press of +HIRS+ - "Worship" 7" that they were gracious enough to include with my last order. Single-sided, pink vinyl, 45 RPM.
This pressing is more how I pictured the 1st pressing would look like. Before it got a physical release, "Worship" was always linked with the image of the goat man(on their bandcamp), but it was actually released in a black envelope sleeve. With this 2nd press, we get a more traditional fold-over sleeve package with a fabulous hot pink color scheme. I love the color pink, so I am really digging how this record looks and sounds.
It even comes with a pink dust sleeve. I've never seen that before!
This 2nd press was limited to 69 hand-numbered copies. As you can see, I got #3. I think the main reason behind the repress was to have it for their Australian tour. 


Monday, March 26, 2012

I Need More Agents of Abhorrence Records!!!!!!

Sorry for the lack of vinyl posts lately, I've been away from my camera. There will definitely be a post or two today. But aside from that, I come to you today asking if ANY of you know where I can get my hands on some Agents of Abhorrence records. I've been digging this band like crazy the past few weeks, and I really really really need more of their releases. I only have their split with Extortion, which is fucking awesome, but I would love to snag their Iron Lungs split, or their 9", or anything! Help me out my Australian brothers!!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Extortion/Cold World Split Artwork

I mean, yeah, just look at it. Very different looking image for Extortion. It's a little more...I'll say subtle. But I still really dig it. And news of any new Extortion record gets me gittier than a school girl. Sean from Skullfucked should be stoked.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

+HIRS+ Collection

I love these guys, every time I order from them they just absolutely spoil me. My most recent order I made, I expected to only get their split 7" with Maradona and a couple split tapes. But they sent me the repress of "Worship", and all the cassettes they have released! What great guys. Here's my collection as it stands now, I only need the split with Shit Weather and the "Gaytheism" compilation cassette and I'll be all caught up. They also have a shirt that I want. I may break my rule of not collecting all the color variants with this band, since I have the 2nd press of "Worship" as well as the first, and I feel good having both. Listen to this band or be eternally lame!
From left to right:
  • split flexi postcard w/ Towers
  • "Worship" 1-sided 7" (first press /120)
  • "Dimebag" 5 1/2" square lathe record (/20)
  • "Worship" 1-sided 7" (2nd press, #3/69)
  • "Vaygaytion/Gaycation" 4" lathe record (/20)
  • "Involuntary Split" w/The Immaculates ("Worship" test pressing #5/5)
  • Split 7" w/ Maradona
  • "Nunmilk" Cassette (/100)
  • Split cassette w/ Hulk Smash
  • Split cassette w/ Drums Like Machine Guns
  • Split cassette w/ Tooth Decay
  • Split cassette w/ Nimbus Terrifix 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Booze Gel Hell

This is a split that I was anticipating for quite a while. Two of my current favorite grindcore bands sharing one 7"! That doesn't happen to often, but when it does I'm giddy as fuck! Here's the Suffering Mind/The Afternoon Gentlemen split 7" on clear vinyl, 45 RPM.
500 copies were pressed, all on clear vinyl, and I'm very impressed with the packaging job. I've never seen a cover sleeve like this before; it's a double-sided cover with a "negative image" on the other side. Pretty unique idea, and it comes with a download card and a double sided insert with lyrics.
Four songs from Suffering Mind, and sic from TAG. Not the best stuff from either band by far, but still very good songs. The SM side is very raw and gutter filth sounding, and they do a cover of Assuck's - "World of Confusion". Their last song is probably my favorite on their side. TAG do more straight forward grind this time around, not as many crazy stop-starts. Kick ass stuff all around.
Cool artwork. I'm not a fan of the "negative version" of it though. Good thing it's reversible.
For the people in the USA, you can pick this up at Bullshit Propaganda records, but act fast cause these won't last much longer. 


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Defeatist Collection

I recently completed my Defeatist collection(excluding the "Sharp Blades Sinks Deep..." compilation CD. I got all the 7", no point in buying it.) They were an awesome kinda-techgrind band from NYC, and they sadly broke up last year. I got to to play a show with these guys a few years ago, Psychic Limb were also on the bill. An unrelenting live band, non-stop aggression. Here are all their records, and again, I don't go out to collect all the color variants.

From left to right:
  • "Sixth Extinction" CD (hasn't gotten a vinyl release)
  • "Tyranny of Decay" 12" (limited to 250 copies)
  • "Thanatonic State" 7"
  • "In Praise of False Hope" 7"
  • 3-way 12" split w/ ASRA and Triac
  • split 7" w/ Kursk


Monday, March 12, 2012


I don't post about cassettes on here much, and I should because I love the format dearly. I'm gonna try to do a few posts now and again about cassettes in the future. Especially because To Live a Lie has a few tapes coming out, all in very limited numbers (mostly out of 100). One of the first in this slew of new cassette releases was this, Sidetracked - "Wrench". Black pro-cassettes, limited to 150.
I love Sidetracked, we all know this. They have so many releases coming out this year, including a split 7" with Self Inflicted which should be out really soon! "Wrench" is a short demo recording that Jay and company did in early 2011. Very raw and lo-fi stuff, gutter quality, I love it. Very short demo, as is to be expected with Sidetracked. 12 songs in about 4 minutes. 
The material on here is definitely more hardcore sounding. Not a whole lot of blasting, just really really short, fast songs. Kinda reminds me of Capitalist Casualties, or Sidetracked's 2005 record "One Lane Road Ahead"
Very clean and tidy packaging/layout/art from TLAL head-hancho Will Butler.
Comes with a download card.
Teeny-tiny lyrics, good luck reading them. TLAL still has copies available, be sure to pick this up.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Scholastic Death

Here's the other Magrudergrind I got with the "s/t" one. I've also been sitting on a CD version of this for a few years, waiting to find a vinyl replacement that wasn't crazy expensive. Lucky for me, I stumbled upon one for a measly $14 bucks at Vinyl Junkie. OG press (as far as I know), black vinyl, 33 RPM.
Not my favorite Magrudergrind material, but it still kicks tons of ass. More straightforward power-grind songs with more straightforward riffs. Honestly, I think the Shitstorm side is where this record truly shines. Some of the best grindcore I've ever heard! Short songs and simple riffs, but totally memorable and infectious. I get pumped every time I hear their songs. Definitely one of the more underrated grindcore bands going today. 
I've always been a fan of John Baizley artwork, and this is one of his more unique pieces. I'm not really sure what's going on in the image. Someones face is deteriorating, and there's what looks like some wings on the side. Who knows.
Robotic Empire released this, but my record seems to have been pressed by Civilisation Records, who I've never heard of. Curious.
Double-sided insert
Again, you can find copies on Discogs, get on that!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Built to Blast

I added two crucial pieces to my Magrudergrind collection recently. One of them was this, a holy grail grindcore album for me. Magrudergrind's -"s/t" album was probably the album that solidified me as a fan of grindcore and powerviolence. And in case you didn't know, the name of this here blog was taken from a song on this album. This is an OG press, black vinyl, 33 RPM.
I bought the CD version when it came out, and I'm super happy to finally own a vinyl copy. It's a very sturdy and tidy package with full colors, a huge poster and a double sided insert. You should all know what this album sounds like by now. Super heavy, super catchy, super awesome grindcore. The production on this is beast, and the samples are hilarious. Plus, the song "Excommunicated" is one of my favorite grind songs ever.
I never knew there was a picture of Quasimodo on the cover until I got this. 
Big ass poster
I got this for 10 bucks, and I'm super happy about that. There are copies for sale on discogs. If you haven't gotten this yet, get with it.