Friday, May 5, 2017

The New School Of Boogie Fuckie

This is a split tape that I've been wanting to get my dirty collecting hands on for a long time. Not only because it has the best band going right now, Sedem Minút Strachu. What is in my opinion, one of the most underrated noisecore bands in America is on the flip, The End Of Life. It's pure noisecore beauty, I almost couldn't ask for a better pairing. This was put out by Trashfuck Records in 2016, on multiple colored covers and tapes. This post is also brought to you by the color green.

Both of these projects have zero duds in their discographies in my humble opinion. So naturally, you're getting a split where both side is a winner! 7MS's half is a wonderfully raw recording that sounds like a ton of booze was involved. Aside from Jan's tight blasts, they all go into a rocking section of loose grooves. Some fun ass nü-metal shit, but really drunk. It's a particularly fun session from an amazing band, you already know I love it.
The End Of Life is a noisecore duo from Oregon/Washington, and are slowly building up an incredibly brutal discography. Sincere and disgusting noisecore at a certain caliber that sets them apart from the swarm of others. Their dynamic is perfect; one bass, one drummer, one person screams, another does low growls. Both are also great musicians, and know what quality noisecore should sound like. After a perfect opening sample, we get an explosion of distorted bass and some incredibly fast and tight blast beats. The kind of blasts that make me take notice. It's a brutal and unrelenting storm of death-grinding, no riff noisecore, with a very tasteful amount of electronic noise thrown in. Mainly just to be interludes for short amounts of time to catch your breath. Absolutely top notch!

Trashfuck really did a great job with these. The dub sounds crispy as hell, I didn't have a single weird sound moment on the whole thing. I just wish the text on the J-card was a little sharper.

Naturally I'm highly recommending this split. Listen to it here, a link to purchase it is above.