Saturday, September 23, 2017

Found In The Mud

Real quick post about another devestating goregrind/noise tape released by some very quality labels. The Arizonian, 1-man, goretank project that is Gastroptosis, and Japan's Oniku. Another excellent 1-man band. This sweet little split tape was released in a total run of 75 copies by Ill Faith RecordsFermented Bile Vomit Records, and Craniophagius Parasiticus Records. I got my copy from Ben of CPR when I was in Toronto last month, it is a single sided tape.

Gastroptosis is yet another stupidly good goregrind/noise project created by Chris Tapo (most notably of Oozing Pus fame), and I love pretty much every new band he starts. Gastroptosis has been one of the more active projects in his roster and one of my personal favorites as well. We get 5 new tracks on here, featuring the usual traits of what makes great goregrind; hard hitting, to the point riffs, thundering drums, horror movie samples and absolutely monstrous, wet vocals. Chris is a master at programming good drums, and while the drums here are a bit buried under the gunky guitars and vocals, their power is undeniable. Great, raw, angry and savage goregrind, so good.

Oniku is a band that I really have not given many listens to (outside of this tape), but every time I do I realize I need to get more of their releases. Five tracks of very solid goregrind, also featuring programmed drums. These songs actually sound very well developed, like some real time was spent writing these riffs and compositions. Strong obvious influences are bands like Active Stenosis, Blue Holocaust and Regurgitate, very chunky groovy riffs with a lot more variety than Gastroptosis's side previously. The recording is a heck of a lot cleaner than the average 1-man goregrind band, it has a real 90's sound to it. There isn't any noise influence at all. While this recording may lack the savage, blown out fidelity I usually like, the quality of this material is undeniable.

Very loud and crisp sounding dub, both bands are one one side as previously mentioned. I'm not sure if the other label's releases are also single sided. 


Friday, September 22, 2017

Like A Worm In My Liver

Highly highly highly recommended brutal noisecore split right here. A nauseatingly rotten goop pile of a cassette released very recently by Strangle and Amuse Tapes and Hjitrous Tyror. It will definitely go down as one of my favorite splits of the year. Here is the split release by the insanely brutal Chopped of Dick and the up and coming Genital Cancer, not sure how limited it is.

Chopped Off Dick are a fucking great, brutal noisecore band from Ohio that have stuck out to me among the crop of underground bands right now. No bullshit, demented, savage beat downs with a very clear focus on their unique delivery, and also a heavy influence of true crime. Each song uses crude, constantly blasting programmed drums, no frills or fills, just blasting. With a good amount of wretched guitar riffs that have a twisted death metal style, and layers of fucked up gutterals and screams. Like a healthy mixture of early ANb, Mortician, and Mellow Harsher, but fucked up on hardcore hallucinogens. I really dig how the recording quality and even the tone of the drum machine will change from track to track (another maybe unintentional nod to early ANb), and the sheer chaotic blend of sounds that come up on every track make each one unpredictable and engaging, and also sort of numbing. It will sound like a whole other track is invading the one you're listening to, a weird bubbly gurgle or guitar solo will come out of no where, or a wave of other vocal tracks. It's chaotic, fucked up noisecore to the extreme. I love it.

On my copy, even though both sides have their own artist's labels, right after the COD side ends Genital Cancer's side starts right up. The Genital Cancer side is mysteriously blank, which really confused me the first time I played this. But yeah, thankfully GC's side is here and in tact, starting very smoothly by a slow building ambient intro. With a creepy as hell movie sample for a good minute or more until the disgusting gore starts flying. Genital Cancer is raw gore/noise project featuring members of Hypnic Jerk, and their side is brutal as hell. Lo-fi, out of tune, frantic shit gore; the kind of filthy sounds that real, dark bedroom dwelling, horror movie enthusiasts like myself swarm too. It's a good mixture of raw mince, goregrind and noisecore, bonus points for the little hip-hop sample too. I'll be bugging Travis for more material until they release it for sure.

The packaging is just brilliant, and is so wonderful to look at in person. The cover is a silk-screened sticked pasted on the cassette shell, and also comes with a brutal double-sided insert. Everything about this release pops out!

The aesthetic is really on point with this one. 

Please go and buy this great split, it comes with a high recommendation from me. Noisecore lives.