Saturday, July 15, 2017

Neither Powerful Nor Violent

Here's another great split that was recently released by Chaotic Noise Productions, and another spotlight on an excellent up and coming grindcore band from the Midwest; the mighty Landfill. A band with a promising reign of noise ahead of them, I'm very happy that they were able to do a split with the classic Suppression. It's well deserved and it's a savage pairing. Not sure how limited this is.

Landfill started as a solo project by Will Olter (ex-Faction Disaster, Methlab Explosion), and has since then evolved into a sort of band with a revolving cast. This particular session has Will on all instruments, and Andy from Captain Three Leg on vocals. Nine tracks of totally legit, brutal grindcore. Ruthless blasting, cued in with those wonderful count-in snare hits. I really like the drum sound on this recording. The guitars and bass are a pleasantly disgusting wash of frantic riffs, don't expect any slow parts, you karate moshing neanderthals. The inclusion of Andy worked perfectly, and gave this recording a little more of a personality than the typical gutteral grind vocals would do. The rapid pace of the lyrics and gruffness of them give the songs a little Shitstorm/Despise You flavor, which I definitely appreciate. This is serious grindcore, be on the look out for this bands stuff in the future. 

Suppression have really been blowing me away over the past few years, and have had an interesting progression over their existence. Starting with a raw, sort of unhinged powerviolence sound, turning into an experimental/noise rock band. Now they have come to form as one of the most exciting and impressive noisecore bands currently active! They really go all over the place over the ten tracks they've put here. There's a few more lengthy (as in 30 seconds to a minute), riff centric tracks, with splashes of noisecore microsongs interluding between them. Heavy amounts of bloopy noises and lots of vocal effects. The amount of diversity keeps the whole side sounding exciting, there's always a knew sonic idea popping up. Masters of their craft and amazingly loyal to the underground, an amazing band. 

Another wonderful layout and presentation from CNP, with all the info you would want to know about the release. Another perfectly dubbed tape as well.

Listen to the split here, a link to buy it is above. 


Friday, July 14, 2017

Floating Rot

A great tape from some wonderful, trustworthy noise makers, released on a legendary cult label. I was sold from the very start. This is the excellent Oozing Meat/Hypnic Jerk split cassette, released this year on Chaotic Noise Productions. Most likely limited to 50-100 copies.

Hypnic Jerk is an excellent noisecore band from Michigan, and have been highlighted on this blog before. They've coined one of the best slogans for their group; Sincere Noisecore. Two words that perfectly describe the Hypnic Jerk experience. They are true purveyors of uncompromising, lo-fi harshness. Everything is 110% distorted, blown out, gritty, gore obsessed and fucked up. Characteristics that are still completely true on this 7 minute, 16 track recording. One of the rawest sessions I've heard from the Jerks, recorded as a duo, possibly in a live show setting. Yet again bordering on pure harsh noise, every sound is mangled and suffocating. Sharp spiked of feedback shriek out from the basement fidelity, low end rumbles and spastic blasting. Tortured and wretched vocals come through sometimes to let you know the members are still alive. Crushing stuff.

Oozing Meat is a more recent noisecore band featuring Jason Hodges from Suppression/Mutwawa/Bermuda Triangles, etc. and they are a glorious, twisted mess of noise. In good ol' noisecore fashion, they've cram 123 tracks under one name, "Floating Rot", and it's dank as fuck. The recording is very good, very loud and piercingly intense. Hot screeches of contact mic feedback open it up, with a repetitive sample of someone saying "oozing meat". The drums and vocals come in slowly at first in short bursts, giving lots of time for the pure noise to breath. As the side continues, the tracks and blasting become more and more close together and intense, with lots of varied vocals and different pieces of instrumentation and editing. The way that this side is edited and chopped together is incredibly sharp and jagged too, which we all know is a sound I'm a huge fan of. Tracks and vocals will start and stop very suddenly in a glitchy sort of way, it's very tinkered with. Another super solid side that makes me want more!

The J-card is very professionally made, with a brutal and tidy layout that perfectly suits the ugly sounds on this tape.  The dub is perfectly crispy too.

You can listen to this tape here, a link to purchase it is above. Please support these bands and Chaotic Noise Productions.


Caught In The Wash

I have gained a new obsession lately, a band who I'm literally mad at myself for not getting into sooner (when a lot of their records were cheap and easily available). I'm talking about the brilliant stupidity that is Minch. A rare band who I will go far as to say has a near perfect discography. Everything I've heard has been A++ quality, shit noise outrageousness. Unfortunately, almost all of their early splits from the 90's go for a pretty penny. So who knows when I'll be able to score classics like "Seven Minch" and the Gore Beyond Necropsy split. A cheap split that I was lucky to snag recently is the 7" they shared with Breathilizor from back in 2004. All pressed on green vinyl, 33 1/3 RPM.

Minch is three weirdo's from Ohio that make some weird ass noise. Equipped with a washing machine for drums, some sort of guitar figuration,  their strained vocal chords and wild imaginations. Each track is a fucked up mush of deep thuds from hitting the washing machine, and 2-3 people yelling frantically about various dumb shit. It's goofy, brutal noise that winks at you quite a lot, with it's tongue bursting out of it's cheek. Is it brilliant though; abso-fucking-lutely. I can't get enough of this record; when I bought it the first day I played it three times in a row. The chaotic, rapid fire vocals are so infectious, I'm always trying to decipher what exactly they're yelling about. Lots of dicks, pussy, ass, fucks, bells and whistles. It also sounds like they speed up the vocal tracks to make them even more spastic, which I dig a lot. I got to play this record twice at the record store I work at, and every time multiple poeple had to ask me what they were being forced to listen to. Which I happened to think was a perfect reaction. The almighty Steveggs also makes an always appreciated vocal appearance on this recording (note the illustration style on the cover). Incredible recordings, I say 100% necessary.

Breathilizor is another band who's records I've seen literally everywhere, but they always looked like something I would never be interested it. That sort of goofy, low quality, rock/thrash stuff. Upon listening to them, I'm a bit half right in my premonitions. The music is pretty much what I expected, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit! It's tremendously goofy, but can you honestly expect anything else from people who were in the band Sockeye? 4-track quality recordings of hard rock/punk songs about space, adventures, and Pacman. It's enjoyably stupid, I can audibly hear the fun being had by the people making it. I'm not sure if I'll buy a lot of their records, since I honestly don't care for the styles of music they work with, but I'll be coming back to this for sure.

All copies of this were pressed on green vinyl, packaged in a very nice and sturdy, double sided sleeve.

So yeah, I officially need every Minch record ever. Wish me luck.