Monday, October 15, 2012

Grind Bleed Your Soul

Got a beauty of a record recently in the form of the uber-sexy Phobia/Suffering Mind split 5". I always love when 2 titans of grind come together, especially when it's packaged as beautifully as this. This is the black vinyl variant, limited to 172 copies, hand numbered, 33 RPM.

The only fault I have with this is that it is waaaaaaay to short. One track from each band, both are less than a minute. Fortunately, they are really strong tracks, especially the Suffering Mind one. Both bands just doing what they do best, which is grind your fucking ears off. Though an extra track or two would have justified what I payed for this a little bit more.

This is the first release for the Poland based label, Behind The Mountain Records, and they did a fantastic job! Brilliant idea packaging the record in a CD digipack, everything looks beautiful. Strange how if this was a normal CD, I wouldn't give a shit, but slip a record inside and I'm going ga-ga over it. Another reason why vinyl is so awesome, I guess.

But yeah, gatefold package, with lyrics, hand-numbered, and it comes with two embroidered patches. Absolutely fantastic. These guys are also releasing the Suffering Mind/Massgrave split 9", and I can't wait to see how they handle that one.

#7/666, son. This is perfect. When I opened the package I laughed at how awesome this was, given my name.

Order this from Behind The Mountain, it's pretty great.