Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Green Wash

Here's a nice little demo cassette that I bought from Opaques Records a while ago. Skuff are a drum/bass powerviolence duo from Canada, and they play the style just how I like it. Simple riffs, some stop starts, and a totally blown out, grimy and lo-fi recording. The Canadian grindcore and powerviolence scene is by far my favorite at the moment. Basically everything I hear from that country is golden, it's incredible. Skuff have a split tape with Bridgeburner out that I want a lot, and have some more split in the future. I'm definitely gonna keep a look out.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Converge Post Follow Up..

This album made me remember why I fell in love with this band in the first place. Very good album, I'm very satisfied.


All We Love We Leave Behind

The pre-orders we all made several months ago FINALLY started shipping out, and I got my copy of the new Converge album, "All We Love We Leave Behind", yesterday. I ordered mine through Kings Merch, and got the yellow/gold/orange/whatever variant. Part of me kinda wishes I got the 180g. variant from Deathwish, but that's long gone by now, so who cares. Anyway, Converge is a band that I've really settled down on the past couple years. I used to live and breath this band, and they were my first real introduction to the modern style of hardcore. They really did help change my life. But with the VERY underwhelming couple of splits they've released, and the fact that I've probably over saturated myself with their music, I really don't listen to them all that much anymore. Truth be told, I haven't listened to this album yet either, I just wanted to get some pictures up on the blog after the long break and show you the absolutely GORGEOUS packaging and artwork on here.

Very tidy matte cover sleeve with foil graphics all over the cover. I chalk this up with some of the best artwork Jacob has ever done (wait until you see the gatefold), and it's a very refreshing change from the bands usual "damaged woman" aesthetic.

Bam! Lookit that gatefold. I gasped the first time I cracked this open and saw it. 

The colors...

They called this "yellow vinyl". Nuh-uh. I was honestly expecting a solid yellow color, which I think would have been cooler. 

Everyone and their dog is telling me this is a fantastic album. I have pretty high expectations, and I'm gonna spin it as soon as this is done posting. Updates later!