Monday, June 9, 2014

Grown To Sicken

Honestly, the only reason I haven't posted about this record is because I thought that I already did. A quick look back through the BtB catalog exposed this tragic mistake. I did a more proper review of this record over at Operation Grindcore, so if you wanna know more of the nitty gritty details, head on over there. This'll just serve more as a spectacle for some pretty looking vinyl. Here's the fantastic Bastard Noise/Lack Of Interest split 12", white vinyl, I believe it's limited to 100.

Bastard Noise are all musical on there half (play at 33 RPM). A side of them that seems to have taken a step back in a slew of limited vinyl and CD releases of pure noise (not complaining). They've become incredibly hard to keep up with, and I honestly haven't heard many of Mr. Wood & Co. recent output. The four tracks here are all new and are yet another excellent chunk of their trademark progressive/hardcore/sludge/jazz/whatever they decide to do style. Rich Hoak from Brutal Truth lends his drumming skills to the band here (hence the title, "The Hoak Sessions") and he definitely fits in well. Things don't get as crazy or spastic as I would have liked with his input though. But that said, this is some of BN's most brightest sounding and most visceral "musical" works to date.

Lack Of Interest's side (play at 45 RPM) is just fucking awesome. These guys have never let me down, and are still stomping out breakneck, über-negative hardcore like it was 1999. There ain't a dull moment on their whole side, it's yet another perfect batch of songs from a perfect band.

Comes with a nice double-sided insert, with all the lyrics and credits. And a rather unusual jacket. I'm not sure if it was a printing error or what, but my copy opens from the top. Meaning the artwork has to be turned at a 45º angle to present the spine when it's filed. I was very happy to score the white vinyl copy too. The black streaks mean that this specific record was pressed shortly after the black variants were. They call it a "mud pressing" in the vinyl biz. There might only be several white copy's with those black streaks. 

Bastard Noise seem to be working on a new record every week, I don't see them stopping anytime soon.  No word on any upcoming Lack Of Interest records. If we got another full length from them this world would be a better place.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ludicrous Speed

Upstate New York, my home turf, has been a dry and sad place for intense music for the majority of my life time. I could probably count the number of bands I regularly listen too from here on one hand. Which is why when a record like this comes out, I just get a big 'ol smile on my face. "Ludicrous Speed" is the debut 7" from Dialysis, a ripping guitar/drums/vocals trio out of Syracuse. It came out on veteran Syracuse hardcore label Hex Records. Which is actually owned and operated by frontman Ryan Canavan. No idea how many are on pink vinyl, 45 RPM.

Dialysis are an unusual hybrid of sorts, one that I haven't heard many other bands too. Imagine if a youth-crew band started listening to a lot Exodus and Assück. The songs here transition through major-chord hardcore riffs to 100% thrashy grindcore and tremolo chugs seamlessly. The mid-range, shouted vocals being the only consistent "hawdcore" element. Jessika from Inerds even makes a brief vocal cameo on the third track! It's really fun stuff, and I'll be a monkey's uncle if I'm not sold by a "Spaceballs" reference. 

This whole package came out really well. I'm glad that these guys were able to put out a record that looks this good. I've seen this whole thing played live a few times, and they translate great, if not better on on wax. Pretty sure I recognize a few of the shows that some of the inner photo's were taken at too.

Pick up a copy at Hex Records: HERE