Saturday, July 13, 2013

Projectile Hatred

Fuck it, my blog, I can post about my own band if I want too! So, long story short, a couple years ago, I got introduced to a wonderful fella named Mike Stitches, aka, the singer for the fantastic chaosgrind band Thousandswilldie. We met over a review I did for his new band, Standing On A Floor of Bodies, and their fantastic demo tape. Eventually, we agreed to share a split with my band, Hiroshima Vacation. Fastforward a few years, multiple recordings, pressing hassles, and here we have our newly released split cassette tape! Limited to 100 copies.

Out of all the songs we recorded in this session, I'd have to say these ones sound the best. Short and sweet side from us, yada yada, but the SOAFOB side is a ripper!!!! 5 tracks of their industrial, bass guitar powered grind mayhem. One track even features a feature by Pete Benümb!!! They threw in a noise/sample piece at the end to keep this from being a 4 minute split. Nice touch!

Pro-pressed tapes, and they look amazing. Full color J-card and and insert AND a download code. Very happy with the presentation.


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