Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Life

Been off the grid for a minute. The winter has weighed heavy on the soul this year. I'm sure my fellow East Coasters can relate to my woe's from this oppressive winter we've been dealing with. While my spirits are temporarily high, how about a quick post about one of my favorite records ever. The powerviolence wrecking ball of "Trapped Inside" by Lack of Interest. Black vinyl, 45 RPM. SLAP A HAM!

Out of all the bands from the Golden Age of powerviolence from the West Coast., Lack of Interest, along with MITB, have been my favorite bands from that collective. Lack Of Interest are a band that have delivered great material every record they've been on, to me. Sadly, they kinda seem to be one of the most overlooked out of the bunch. Though the excellence of this incredible debut full length can not be denied. I will admit that this band during this area seems to be a bit of an acquired taste. The recording might irk people at first (it bothered me to, honestly), and I've had a lot of discussions where the vocals came up in a negative way. Though after everything finally clicked, to me this is became some of the most incredible powerviolence ever recorded in the 90's. On par with "Downsided".

Lack of Interest's songwriting was always a little more technical and jagged. Lots of sudden stops and starts, tight transitions and tempo changes, all given in a raw, desperate delivery. This, along with the previously mentioned "Downsided" and No Comment are the kinds of things more current groups like Sidetracked and xBrainiax worship.

Super grim presentation. Creepy cover art, claustrophobic boarders, "Bitter about life in general". Everything about this band is pure hate, misanthropy, darkness and masochism. It's intense. This record also contains one of my favorite powerviolence songs,  the incredible "My Life". One of the best under 1-minute song ever, Period.


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