Sunday, May 25, 2014


I don't know why it is exactly, but I've just never really been able to completely get into Vile Intent. Every one of their records has fallen into the, "it's-good-but-I'll-rarely-listen-to-it-again" hole. It's something that's honestly seems pretty crass to me, given that the band has everything I look for in powerviolence; Lo-fi recordings, quick tempo shifts, tough breakdowns. But consistently their records have just gone in one ear and out the other. That being said, I've always given them a chance. So when a cassette copy of their new, then-unreleased 7", "Skin In The Game" started floating around last year, I quickly snatched a copy.

Out of all of Vile Intent's records, "Skin In The Game" would actually have to be my favorite. The rough Crossed Out worship is still overflowing ("God King" could practically be a cover of a lost CO song), but they made their songs just a little bit more captivating and hit just a little harder on this one. I'm really finding it difficult to describe my thoughts on it anymore, it's just a basic powerviolence record. It's good, definitely, but I still wouldn't call it a great record. They seem getting better, though I might be the only person who thinks this.

Very nice pro-cassette job here. They wisely decided to put the whole EP on one side, leaving the B-side of the tape silent and un-printed (something I haven't seen before or since actually).  I believe they had this made for a festival they were playing. Not sure of the numbers, but it's probably limited to 100.

I haven't checked the status of these guys in a while, I'm pretty sure they're still together. Here's hoping the next record is a real winner!


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  1. adore this band. i do think they EP they did before this was a bit better though.