Wednesday, May 16, 2018

I'll Give Ya Mook

I’m not too into introductions, but my name is Tyler Hammer, I play guitar for Hallucination Realized and today I’d like to talk about Deterioration and their newest EP, "Lupara Bianca". We recently went on tour with Deterioration and I’d have to say they are 100% the best grindcore band in America right now, and this EP is their best material yet. Currently out on their label Shattered Dreams Production as a CD and a now sold out 8-track and cassette. Hopefully their will be a vinyl version in the future.

Production wise this is their best stuff. The guitars and bass are massive sounding and the riffs have a lot of energy. The drums sound solid with a great sounding snare tone that has a nice crack but still has good ping to it. Riff wise they really bring it with a lot of really catchy parts and good slower sections, like the sludge-y riff in "Lupara Bianca" and the breakdown in "Car Battery Interrogation". For the most part the songs are blasting or doing some sort of hammer blast variant. The main theme of this release is Mafia related and it's nice to see a mix up from the usual gore related albums and songs they've done in the past. They are one of the few bands that can have funny song titles like "Car Bombing In The Name Of The Family (Bada-Boom)", while still keeping the music serious.

You can listen at their bandcamp which is linked right here. Keep on the look out for new material sometime soon and of course they will likely be playing near you as they as touring non-stop and aren't likely to slow down anytime soon. 

~Tyler Hammer

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