Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nuclear Summer

Here's another record from my most recent order of To Live a Lie releases; the P.L.F/Downtrodden split 7", released on a few other labels in addition to TLAL, blue vinyl(limited to 100), 33 RPM.
Cool cover art for the P.L.F side, I think it's either done by Putrid or the dude who did Insect Warfare - "World Extermination". Honestly, I'm not too hot on P.L.F. They're a little to thrash-metally for my taste, but I enjoy a few songs here and there from them. 2 originals and 2 Agathocles covers this time around. If you like P.L.F, you'll like this, nothing new here. Though this recording does have a bass player!
Downtrodden I wasn't so into. Old-school style grind for sure, but they use a drum machine, which works pretty well. Nothing new or original and it's far from mindblowing. I won't be looking out for more of their releases. Pass.
Solid blue vinyl
Fold out packaging with a little lip on the end. Simple packaging, again nothing mindblowing. Lyrics are included.
Also, all copies of this split are hand-numbered, and I was lucky enough to get a nice low number. Of course, this means nothing in terms of quality of my particular record, but the collector snob in me is giddy.


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