Thursday, January 5, 2012

On Edge

Always good when I can kill 2 birds with one stone; in this case checking off one more thing from both my growing In Disgust and Sidetracked collections. Absolutely killer split from 2 stupidly good bands, and I managed to snag the last copy from Feral Kid Records. So much win right there. Transparent yellow/orange vinyl, 33 RPM. Btw, I'm trying out a new camera, I guess it's an improvement.
I don't think I should have to explain why both of these bands rule, you should already know. Standard In Disgust on their side, always brutal, always heavy, just great. The Sidetracked side is some of the best stuff, production wise that I've heard from Jay and the gang. Clear, heavy recording, killer fastcore.
Nice, clean, black and white packaging. Typical In Disgust insert, I guess they hate giving out info. At least the Sidetracked lyrics are there.
If you manage to find a copy of this, definitely pick it up. Unfortunately I haven't seen many copies around in any distros, so good luck!!


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