Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Big ups to the dude from RSR for actually commenting on this blog and telling me that they still had copies of the Extortion - "Get Fucked" 5" for sale. Silly me, I had thought that they sold out a loooooong time ago. But low and behold, I made the order and a couple weeks later, I get this seeminly-illusive little record.

Two tracks on here, both are outtakes from the "Sick" recording session. One regular, fast Extortion song, and a slow moving instrumental. I probably won't listen to this very much, the songs aren't the best, but it's a vital part to my Extortion collection. Very happy to have it.

Pretty cool art, particularly in the center labels. The cover art is just "meh". 

I'll be getting the demo soon, then I'm complete!


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