Saturday, February 2, 2013

Boys Don't Cry

The postage increase that was put into action last week can suck my left one. Eight bucks to ship one 7"? Fall in a hole and die. So yeah, I don't buy overseas very much, but I do make certain exceptions. One of them being Yacøpsæ, who recently had their first 7", "Krank Ist Normal" reissued. Red/black swirl vinyl, limited to 100, 33 RPM.

I'm really not a fan of how the original recording of this record sounds. It's all very flat and not-pummling. So thankfully, Yacøpsæ had the brilliant idea to re-record the entire record, with "Tanz Gronsy Tanz" quality production. The record sounds fantastic, and it looks fantastic. And yes, they did keep the Cure cover, it's wonderful.

This should probably be coming over to the USA soon, so local peeps should wait a bit. Or if you're impatient or want the color version, hit up Vulgar Records.


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